Robert Young

Artist Biography

Robert has been a professional photographer since 1983, and has owned various photography businesses since 1985. His earliest photographic memories revolve around his father’s darkroom in Labrador in the mid 1960's. His true love of photography began with his first medium format camera that was a gift from his parents in 1975.

“I was active in the Photo Club at Prince of Wales Collegiate, but we always had a better darkroom at home.”


In his second and third year of a cartography program at Memorial University, Robert was exposed to the “science of photography” in the university Remote Sensing Lab. “I was hooked” Robert said. “I knew from the moment that I picked up my first Hasselblad camera, that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.” Robert worked at CameraMUN until 1985 when he and another CameraMUN photographer started Campro Photography.


In 1992 Robert and his wife, Lynn, purchased a studio and lab building on Pennywell Rd. in St. John’s where Robert operated a professional services lab called The Photo Studio. In 1996 they opened Celebrity Photo Studio and continue to operate Celebrity at there current location in the TD Building on Water Street in St. John’s.


As a professional photography business, Robert’s company is locally known for dramatic and documentary style Industrial Photography, for Commercial Portraits and publicity / advertising photography.  “The business of photography is all about the client. It is very technical, you have to interpret the clients artistic concept and use your own technical skills to achieve their vision.” Robert says. “Whether it’s underground in a mine, climbing around an offshore oil rig or shooting from an open door of a helicopter, I always aim to capture something extraordinary.”


Robert has taught various photography courses through the Division of Lifelong Learning at Memorial University. He has taught Art-Smart and Pin-Hole Photography programs at several schools in the St. John’s region.


As an Artist, his current projects are photographing derelict farm machinery around the Avalon Peninsula using a 50 year old 8x10 view camera and a massive project to celebrate characters we see around St. John’s every day. This project will display 40 huge portrait images in three major galleries across Canada.


Robert is a member of the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC), Editorial Photographers (EP), The Adobe Photographers Directory, The St. John’s Board of Trade and is a board member of The Random Passage Trust and the St. John’s Rotary Club.